Rejoining the Enjin Ecosystem: Kepithor Unleashes ENJ Excavators

Kepithor Studios reignites its alliance with the Enjin ecosystem through the launch of ENJ Excavators.
Mar 12, 2024 1:03 AM

In a thunderous move that resonates through the realms of Web3 gaming, Kepithor has once again aligned itself with the Enjin ecosystem, unveiling its latest creation: ENJ Excavators.

This free-to-play gem offers players not just a hyper-casual gaming experience but also the chance to mine for cryptocurrency rewards.

Now available on Google Play, ENJ Excavators invites players to compete for cryptocurrency prizes, merging the thrill of gaming with the allure of blockchain rewards.

The Prelude to Launch

Kepithor’s first mint on Enjin Blockchain. The ENJ Excavators are live on

Anticipation has been building since the announcement of ENJ Excavators' launch on the Enjin Blockchain in late February 2024. Through various marketing efforts, Kepithor has managed to create a buzz among Web3 gamers.

Their initial NFT sale, the Goblin Drill Squad, sold out instantly, demonstrating the game's appeal.

The Goblin Cart NFT Beam Campaign further showcased the potential of Beam scan-to-claim technology for mass NFT distribution, fully claiming the 9,999 airdrops available.

Designing Engaging Gameplay

ENJ Excavators is a testament to the innovative spirit of Kepithor, offering a free-to-play, hyper-casual mobile game that's accessible to all player types.

The game challenges players to mine Gems and upgrade their equipment, with their Gem earnings determining their rank on the leaderboard.

Weekly cryptocurrency prizes reward the top placers, with the Enjin Platform's Managed Wallet feature simplifying crypto prize storage for players.

To enhance productivity, players can use their Gems to hire workers who will automatically mine Gems or they can buy upgrades which will add boosts. Players can purchase the upgrades using supported cryptocurrencies.

The game uses these mechanics to promote cryptocurrency adoption as well as to educate players on possible blockchain-related utilities.

A key part of the game strategy is to balance the amount of Gems a player spends to upgrade their equipment with the amount in their balance that defines their place on the leaderboard. At the end of the week the leaderboards reset and you have a fresh chance to dominate the ENJ prize pool.

Bringing Multiverse NFTs to Life

By bringing utility to all 15 Enjin Multiverse NFTs, Kepithor ensures that the game is not just a new venture but a celebration of the Enjin community's passion over the past five years.

This integration not only delights Multiverse collection holders with enhanced game boosters but also strengthens the sense of community and excitement around Enjin's interoperable NFTs.

About Kepithor

Since joining the Enjin Early Adopter Program in November 2018, Kepithor has been at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution, starting with their breakout hit, Kingdom Karnage. Known for innovative blockchain-enabled gameplay, Kepithor has consistently delivered engaging titles, fostering a vibrant in-game economy through player-to-player trading.

ENJ Excavators is the latest testament to Kepithor's commitment to blending cutting-edge gaming with the transformative power of blockchain technology. Download it now on Google Play and start unearthing the rewards that await within!

Embrace the future of gaming with ENJ Excavators and discover the unparalleled opportunities for development on the Enjin Blockchain. Join us in this epic journey and be a part of the next chapter in blockchain gaming history.